For those that dont know what DMDD is :

Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder (DMDD) is a mental disorder in children and adolescents characterized by a persistently irritable or angry mood and frequent temper outbursts that are disproportionate to the situation and significantly more severe than the typical reaction of same-aged peers. The symptoms of DMDD resemble those of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), anxiety disorders, and childhood bipolar disorder.

Basically, our child is angry at us alot, has major meltdowns where we have to aprehend him to prevent him from destroying everything and hurting himself or us. Most hings will set him off.

The thing is, he has outburts mainly at home. Its the way DMDD can work. Teachers, coaches and friends say he is great. That is why its harder to get help from professionals in general. Add that to the fact that DMDD is a new diagnosis and we have the reason this site exsits.

We have been collecting a list of triggers for him. Foods, breaks in routine and so on. As we learn we learn more. Only recently after years of research and trying to manage him we found a new concern Xylitol. We came across it in his vitamins. (Read more about it here).

So like you we are trying to find alternatives to everything that affects our child and his DMDD. We are trying to keep him happy and teach him how to control his rage. Yes sounds like the hulk, and actually is at times.

Its also different for both parents. Mom can handle it in her own way as she has had past experience with it. For Dad its also letting go of alot of rules. He yells at you and tells you where to go, does not do what he is asked to do and sometimes you have to let it go. Its the disorder that makes his like that , sometimes he is a gem as well 🙂

Wish us luck and we are here to try and share our knowledge and hope others share thiers as well.

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